Population Effects in Raw Production in 1.1

And other areas as well

Posted on Sunday, June 21, 2015

I was excited to see that we finally get to see some numbers for the population effects on a planet.

However when I saw that my planet with 12 population only had an overall effect of 12 points of production I was taken by surprise.


If my colony of 12 was only producing 12 production when my combined output on my planet was over 200 then why should I EVER bother producing population?

So my need to make farms at this point is completely gone.

Even on planets without a focus on production, farms would seem to be a complete waste of my time.


Is this number incorrect? Also how is my population effecting science and income and where is this displayed?

As a manager of a large empire I would think that something as simple as population effect on production, science and economy would be a mandatory addition.