What is this "Basic Build" manure?

requested constructor? best I can do is a single

Posted on Sunday, June 21, 2015

So when I hit Request Constructor from a starbase, it queues up a thing called "Basic Build" (as Yor anyway).  This is an absolutely minimal constructor with, as far as I can find, no alterable blueprint, which just automagically appears and forces itself upon me like a box of stale male genitalia.  (What a grand planet we live on, where "dicks" invites censorship.)


Why would I ever want my 5-planet-sponsored shipyard spewing out pieces of garbage that don't use a tenth of its capacity?  There's an effing WAR on, people!  There's no conceivable scenario where extra constructor units are not wanted.  If you have leftovers, you can send it somewhere else, or sell it.  The thing that is NOT WANTED is this (foecal) unchangeable default that squanders my manufacturing capacity per turn.


Is there really no way to change which blueprint the Request Constructor button calls?  I don't think it worked this way before... Did it work this way before?  If not, why did you drop such a <steamy bazinga> onto this useful button?  It's such a colossal waste of turns to be spewing out singles when i could be doing 3 or, like, 7 or 9-point Constructors once Massive is researched.


hnnrrrg.  Please, someone, point out the obvious way to adjust this setting that surely must exist and which I'm simply not seeing.  Please?




Otherwise, top priority fix kplsthx.  Also while you're at it, this button really needs a hotkey bound to it.  Wiggling your mouse around aiming for tiny buttons is so 2006