Virtual World and Entertainment Capital (or, NOT ANOTHER FOCKING APPROVAL THREAD!!)

Posted on Thursday, June 18, 2015

Just an added tidbit, not only does Virtual World have its +25% approval affect ALL planets (which is a bit not very useful due to the order of multiplication and division that are applied to the approval bonuses), however its ADJACENCY bonus which is a non% modifier(yeah!!!), straight up morale points, is also given to all colonies.


The bad news is that this doesn't work for Entertainment Capital.  You get the empire wide +25% from one building, but not its adjacency bonus.  WAD, Design Oversight, Defect?  IBM says YOU MAKE THE CALL!!


So, on an entertainment planet deep in your core, build virtual world next to Entertainment capital and Amusement Park (The MegaResort, no idea of its adj bonus, cant build it), and 4 Entertainment Centers (no reason to upgrade them to stadiums), and enjoy a free 9 morale points for your entire empire.