Galactic Civilizations III - Patch 1.10

Posted on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

*** RELEASED 7/9/2015 ***


Added Steam Workshop support for uploading and downloading ship templates

Added Steam Workshop support for uploading and downloading custom factions

Added 2 new difficulty levels: Easy and Incredible (much like my wife)

Added custom map support for multiplayer games

Enabled Pirates in multiplayer

Added a "No Tech Brokering" game setup option (setting this blocks trading of techs unless you discovered it, ie: you can't trade a tech you got in a trade)



Fixed a multiplayer desync when asking for peace

Fixed a multiplayer desync from some battles

Fixed a multiplayer desync when sending a constructor to a rally point

Fixed a crash when two systems both attempted to add notifications at the same time

Fixed a multiplayer crash when being awarded a constructor from an anomoly

Fixed an issue with missing movement trails on some ships

Fixed a crash when updating steam stats

Updated the miles version to fix sound issues and sound memory leaks

Fixed a bug/exploit where if you asked for enough from the AI it would overflow and forget its value, giving you everything it has for free

Fixed an issue where you can offer more credits per turn to the AI than you can actually pay

Fixed game within a game crashes in the ship designer

Fixed an issue where players could use rally points to ignore range limitations

Fixed an issue where ships couldnt explore if you didnt have a home planet (like at the begining of the tutorial or campaign)

Fixed an issue where ship desings would be broken if they were saved with a decimal in the name

Fixed an issue where sometimes game reports wouldn't be submitted to the universe

Fixed a desync when humans were traidng with each other in multiplayer

Fixed an issue where ship movement forecasting times were inaccurate

Fixed an issue where custom race homeworld doesn't display correctly in diplomacy report screen

Fixed crashes

Fixed an issue where the AI wouldn't take over if a human left a multiplayer game

Fixed a crash in the crash reporting tool (this is just a joke, don't send in letters)

Fixed crash if a multiplayer game was abandoned while there were multiple popups in the popup queue for the game about to be destroyed, which would crash once they were unhidden

Fixed several crashes, hangs, and missing UI when a peer would disconnect during a multiplayer game setup

Fixed a crash when loading a save game if a corrupt fleet exists

Fixed crash in race trait tooltip caused by a user making an insanely long list of modifiers in a trait mod, which the fixed string used for formatting the tooltip couldn't handle

Moved awarding the ship until after the battle when encountering pirates at an anomoly

Fixed the Mega Resort for the Drengin

Fixed an issue where the UP chairperson could be listed twice if the chairbeing defies the UP

Fixed ship definitions for missing ships

Fixed a desync when the AI considered requesting peace

Fixed Ranfer, Destroyer and Battleship blueprints

Fixed some issues with the Krynniac Jihad specializations

Fixed a bug with Food Distribution that made it unbuildable

Fixed an issue where you could get blank images after downloading content from Steam Workshop

Fixing a crash if your ship design list changes before you open the ship designer for the first time, like if you are playing a multiplayer game with a custom faction that isn't your own, with custom ship designs that aren't your own

Fixed an issue where the race trait that gives first improvement free was able to incorrectly award an ongoing project as the item to be awarded. Since this is impossible it prevents the item from ever clearing, and it also prevents any other manufacturing from happening. This basically locks out the planet from ever being usable to the AI.

Fixed an issue where restored session custom faction data was getting improperly culled or overwritten

Fixed an issue where govern wheel sliders (player, colony) were not being sent over the wire and saved for non-HOST players in MP sessions

Added 'isLocalPlayer' check to prevent 'you have insufficient resource and cannot build that thing' notification from showing up on other player's notification lists

Fixed a stuck turn after a human planet is invaded by the AI

Fixed a crash merging large groups of ships

Fixed a crash that can happen when encountering pirates in anomollies

Fixed crash in which the AI was able to find a way to get a certain improvement type hub without any neighbor improvements unlocked

Fixed the Merchants ideology trait

The Mutations colonization event is no longer global

Fixed bug with the lobby window where custom faction icons from one player do not appear to other players



You cannot select food and growth modifiers as a custom faction if you are playing a synthetic race anymore

Rush costs are now modified by the turns remaining

You can no long stack Yor assembly projects beyond your population cap

Request Constructor Button currently builds a basic constructor instead of latest constructor



The AI is now better at building hub improvements in good spots

AI will now make use of preferred defense type when researching and when building ship blueprints.



New cinematic camera system for watching battles, the Michael Bay edition (in that every time a ship explodes I imagine that Michael Bay is on it)

Added a new Medium UI size

Added a new Normal UI size

In the error popups that come up when you fail to colonize a planet or declare war on another player, it now says why you cannot do these things (e.g. UP resolution prohibits this, this player is immune to war, etc.)

You can now get to the Manual from the games main page

You can now get to the Wiki from the games main page

Added the ability to review the game

Added an option to show design that are over mass (for modders to fix their ship designs if we change mass values)

Updated the text in the popup when changing the galaxy difficulty to be more clear

Redid the turn count victory condition to be more clear and have it based on more relevant information (faction power)

Enter/Esc key now closes the shipyard screen like it does for other screens

Added Raw Production entry and breakdown to the planet wnd

Yor colonies show Synthetic Pop Cap instead of Food in the planet wnd

If you don't have resources required for a ship it still shows up in your shipyard, but it is greyed out

If tech trading is disallowed by a UP resolution, the tech category entry will still show up in the interaction wnd, but disabled and with a tooltip saying which UP resolution is preventing tech trading.

While a galactic event is active, the notifications list on the side of the main game wnd will show the name of the active event and how long it will be active for (if applicable). Mousing over the entry will show the bonuses granted by that event

Fleet tooltips tell you how many moves they have remaining

Updated planet textures

When attempting to load a map, it now shows the proper text in the title and delete prompt

Added a new ambient music track