Warning: On Larger Maps With Lots of Planets, If you Didn't Take Patriotic or Malevolence Lvl 2 You've Screwed Yourself

Posted on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

It's the way the LEP system works.  The problem is LEP takes morale points away from the base pool.  

So if you have +20 morale on your planets from starbase and buildings, but have 100 planets, your morale will be exactly ZERO even if you have +600% morale boost, because 


[EDIT: Wait a second.  Is this right? I wouldn't know because I'm good at math and so I ALWAYS take Patriotic or Malevolence level 2 and so I don't pay attention).  

Furthermore, if you didn't figure this out BEFORE starting a game on insane, you're doomed.  Even worse, you won't realize how doomed you are until 30 hours into the game.

On almost any map Gigantic or Larger with abundant habitable planets and standard number of AI, Patriotic is a must.  For larger maps, with lots of AI, Malevolence Level II approval bonus from invasion is a must if you did not take Patriotic.  THERE ARE NO OTHER OPTIONS IN THE LONG RUN.