Battle viewer control request

Posted on Monday, June 15, 2015

When viewing battles in free view, I'm under the impression that we have full 360 degree freedom to look at whatever. We can also move around the map, view from above and below etc. However, when zooming, there is a limit: there is a 'max zoom' level, which feels rather weird.


If I want a close look at my ships, and I'm looking from the side, the camera will at a seemingly arbitrary point decide it has zoomed in to its maximum. I then have to angle the camera downward before clicking and dragging to move the camera (if you don't look down, the slope of the 'floor' you're dragging along will often cause you to rapidly shoot off miles away with the camera).


What I would like to request is a change in function of the mousewheel 'zoom' functionality: instead of having an 'zoomed in' and 'zoomed out' state let the mousewheel move the camera forward and backward along the direction of viewing. Don't stop it at a predetermine distance, just move the camera that distance forward.