Posted on Sunday, June 14, 2015

Right now morale is completely worthless in this game. It starts off fine, but as my empire grows that damn large empire penalty gets brutal. I am on insane map as the Terran alliance, with 10 AI, challenge difficulty. My overall morale is 3, with the moral on Earth herself only being at 61% with a stadium. I currently have 109 planets, I have Affinity in Benevolent to level 5 noble, I have 3 Harmony crystals, I have 2 Morale relics with starbases on them with each at 30%+ morale added. I have all the straight moral bonus techs, my morale building tech is at Approval Focus, and I have a Morale building on every single planet. You need to fix this, because at this point I am just saying "F it" and not even building Morale buildings because what the hell is the point.