The Metaverse Scoring System has as much integrity as FIFA

Posted on Sunday, June 14, 2015

As many of us are aware the Metaverse scoring system is broken.

Here are some examples:

1. For winning a Conquest game on Normal difficulty in 1,053 turns ... mighty effort as it was ...this player scored 29,000+ points

2. For winning one of the Campaign games in 22 turns on Beginner, with a population of 60 Trillion, this player scored almost 10,000 points.  Wait ... 60 Trillion ... LOL!

3. For winning a game by influence on a Huge map in 59 turns, this player scored 14,000+ points.  Wait ... influence, on a Huge map ... in 59 turns ... LOL!

There are many others.

Now yes I'm in the Top 10 ... and clearly slightly competitive.  And annoyed because my games are all clean.  But of course, I can't prove that.  Well actually I can prove some where I still have the save games.  But anyway, the point is, the Metaverse doesn't care.

Philosophically the Metaverse is a terrific concept because with work and family commitments my gaming time is all over the place, so multi-player simply isn't a viable option, but I can still scratch that competitive itch.

But please could forward plans ensure there is at least some sort of integrity in the way scores are calculated?