Custom Race Packs. Logos, Portraits, Foregrounds & Backgrounds. 40k, Dune, Battletech, Endless Space, Dr Who'verse, Blakes 7

Posted on Sunday, June 14, 2015



40k Logos. A mix of 49 detailed and roundel style logos. Some are web finds, some are mine & where I know whom the creator is they are named in the file name.Have included 2 aquilas. I didn't want to cut off the wings so be warned that they are smaller than other logos. And yes my Skaven logo is in there as alien-things must die-die too.     Preview here

Dune Logos from the game series. Preview here  updated to include Ix & Bene Tielax and general clean up.

Battletech Logos 60 Various logos. A big salute to Viereth the artist of most of them. Preview here


Race Packs:-

Tau Race Pack:-  FG, Portrait, New Logo, 3 BG's.  Preview here

Minotaur Race Pack:-  FG, Portrait, Logo & BG from my background pack. Preview here

Dr Who'verse Pack. Cybermen, Daleks, Timelords. Each race has a BG, FG, Portrait, Logo and some alt BG choices. Files marked "---x---" BG&FG.png to go in LeaderFGs folder. Preview here.

Blakes 7 Federation Pack.  Logo, Portrait , 2 FG's with or without Stormtroopers , 2 BG's and Stormtrooper Layer to play around with if as its a nice image could even be used as a new race FG. This pack was a bit harder to find images that gelled together due to 80's TV image quality clashing with modern renders. Does go well with some of the matte artwork from my BG's collections however. Credit to the cosplayer who created the stormtrooper outfit for the image. Preview here.



Background Files are much larger (140Mb 73 files) so I have broken down the files in rough categories Ancient & Alien, Cities, Endless, Facilities, Outer Space, Space Stations, Terrain. Some don't scale too well so have cinematic borders but tbh it gives a through a window look. If you have not found Deviant art, do so . Very easy to loose yourself in the scope and skill on access and a good source of wallpapers and backgrounds. Preview Here



All items will be uploaded to my google drive, link at top of post. This post will be edited & updated as I clean up more items and put up more packs.


Update 18/06  Previews for all packs.  Tau and Minotaurs uploaded.


Credit to original artists. If I am aware creditation will be in filename. If you recognise something of yours and not accredited please let me know.

If you like some of the items, check out the below artists as they are the ones with talent.

JJCanvas/Blinck , Vierth , Mark Molnar , Jim197