(MODS)My Custom Races and Modding (Nasty!)

Posted on Friday, June 12, 2015

So here is my post on my Custom race and early mods of races I help with for ED and Rand.





My Custom Races and Modding (Nasty!)



Here is My custom Race as of now that is WIP 



so this is my custom race ATM may change may not. I do need to work on my story for it tho.



I don`t really like the small riker pic but for now I`ll have to use it i wanted a serious look there. 

And the start up screen tho the one causing all the trouble!!! As you can see it looks OK so Compromise and i`m using it. 

Diplomacy Screen yeah it`s the same one in the race set up screen.

The report Screen uses the same Screen as the Startup Screen.


As I learn more or do more i`ll update the race now it`s time to either find a creative writer or write something my self.