[MOD] Insane-Abundant Balance Mod

Posted on Sunday, June 7, 2015

Insane Abundant Balance Mod


A mod designed around balancing the game for large maps with many planets.





* Massive AI work, to make the AI more competitive even on normal difficulty.

* Replaces Large Empire Penalty with stacking maintenance costs.

* Reworks the balance between 'wide' and 'tall' empires to make planet-grabbing less important, smaller empires more capable of competing with large ones.

* Fixes sensor stacking and engine stacking.

* Includes dozens of bug fixes

* Trade and Tourism more valuable

* Diplomacy less exploitable

* Ship blueprints improved



Install Instructions:


Just extract the .zip file to your My documents\my games\galcvi3\mods folder, then start the game. Activate mods by going into the Options meun, selecting the Gameplay tab, and turning on the 'Enable Mods' checkbox, then restart your game. To check it's working, just start a new game. If the minor races are listed as playable factions, then the mod is working.


Current Version:


1.7.1 for GC3 1.7


Latest version download link available at: