The Compendium - Your Ultimate Sci-Fi Universe for Gal Civ 3!!!

The Ultimate Sci-Fi War!!!

Posted on Saturday, June 6, 2015

Hello Brothers and Sisters of the Gal Civ 3 Modding Community!!! Welcome to the Ultimate One-Stop-Shop to find all your favorite Sci-Fi Races and Ship Sets to use in your own custom game of Galactic Civilizations 3!!! I'm sure most or all of these will be added to the Steam Workshop, but, I think there should be a pinned Master List here on the game's official forums as well.

This idea was formerly known as "Raven's Ultimate Sci-Fi War Mod" but I quickly realized everyone else would be working on and wanting most of the same things I will as well, and that many of us only want cosmetic changes, custom race pictures, and new ship sets, without any other modded special abilities. This post will be split into two posts (the next reply below) so we also don't leave out those who have created totally new races and factions from pure imagination not out of any of our favorite shows. If you'd like yours added to this thread just reply below and I will add yours into the appropriate category. This list is short right now but we'll be adding to it, no fear.

Custom Race Pictures and Backgrounds:


GalCiv3 - Star Trek Faction Pictures By 00zim00

Mass Effect Races By Sorentoft

Mass Effect Logos Repost By MortisBlack

[Mod] Alliance-Union Universe Custom Races By Skukkuk

Honor Harrington Faction Pics and Logos By RavenX - done by request

[Mod] Doctor Whoniverse By Mohobie

Starfleet Academy Mod By ronnie76

Space Orcs 40K By Lord_Proteus

Imperium of Man 40K By RavenX


Custom Race Ship Designs and Templates:

[Mod - Early Release] Star Trek Federation Faction Style Mod By TurielD



I will happily add all custom races and factions as long as they are from any established Sci-Fi show, movie, book series, you name it. No matter how silly or how rare one's choice may be. We might not all want the same races from every show and this thread will give us all the ability to pick and choose the ones we want from their respective posts/threads. This thread is only meant to be a stickied list so we can keep track of those most Scf-Fi fans will want and to have a easy go to reference without needing to wade through the entire history of the modding forums. Steam Workshop may make this redundant at some point, but at least for now and maybe even after that it will continue to be a valuable community resource. This is still a work in progress thread and will be so for the foreseeable future. If I missed yours please post below and I will add it to this post.

Note: Let's see if we can ask nicely and get this stickied for us Please Vote up with a Reply to help us get this stickied. (that way you don't have to flood my karma, I'm Not karma fishing)