total manufacturing versus manufacturing

Posted on Saturday, June 6, 2015

I am loving the economy wheel and figuring out how to tweak my economy in GCIII, but there is some issue with naming of certain aspects.

Version 1.02 patch notes: "Total Production tooltip changed to Total Manufacturing where relevant"

There is now confusion regarding the economy numbers displayed every because what used to be called Total Production is now called Total Manufacturing. Basically now population makes "Total Manufacturing" which then gets divided per the economy wheel between Manufacturing, Research, and Wealth.

Seems like not such a good idea to have 2 separate concepts being called nearly the same thing. When I see a bonus to Manufacturing, I often have to figure out which Manufacturing the bonus is applied to.

For example, Durantium Refinery grants +2 Total Manufacturing (though the description on the item states that it increases "the raw production" on the planet) which I only recently realized was not just 2 points to Manufacturing but to Total Manufacturing, making it much more useful that I was giving it credit for as this helps boost any of the 3 production types you want to focus on.