[BUG | Beta Opt-In 1.03 | SOLVED] Mods Stopped Working

Galactic Civilization 3 Updates and Mods stop working

Posted on Friday, June 5, 2015

I was working on my mod, a ship appearence thingy, when GalCiv3 decided to patch, no biggy I thought, but when I get in game all my custom ship appearences are gone, and the other mod I am using, for more map colours has stopped working too.


Opted into the beta

Using mods:

PaletteOverhaul - by me.

Map Colours - Standard - by Ave


More Info:

I was just playing with all the mods working, and then it patched, and now they are gone.
I have mods enabled in options.
For safety I restarted, I verified that my mod xml was correct, will try removing my mod from the mods folder and see if it still runs with Ave's, which I know works.
I turned mods off, restarted, turned them back on and restarted again, no luck.

Some help would be really nice, now that I think about it, this should go in support.