Diplomacy Exploit Grande!

Posted on Friday, June 5, 2015

So I'm not 20 turns into a new game and the first other race I run into is Yor, so I open trade trying to maybe haggle for a tech or two of theirs (I was synthetic too) but he was being super stingy. I wondered what it would take in creds/week for him to agree...and while I was at it I threw in all his techs...and a base...and a ship for fun. I may have gotten a little and frustrated and entered something like 90000000 creds/week (20 turns into a game, you know I'm good for it man...c'mon!). I thought there'd be no way he'd fall for it. There's gotta be some kinda creds/week check right...wrong! He said it was a generous offer   ...and it was  ...and I may have declared war on him immediately after he gave me all his techs.

Stupid robots, no concept of guile (it's safe bet the other races work like this too).

Personally this isn't a big deal, I just have to remind myself I'm a big boy and I don't need to cheat to win (it's no fun anyway)

But if the devs want to fix this they could just make you pay what you agreed to pay even if you go to war (you agreed to pay it) I was surprised it's not like that already. Want that 6 Duterium back you traded for 50 turns? War is the answer!


As an afterthought every time see/say Yor I can't help but think the dev that made them up was wondering what to call them when a guy named Roy walked into his office.