Let's Play Game: How to Get a Gazlillion Colonies on Larger Map with Standard Amount of AI

Posted on Thursday, June 4, 2015

Custom race:

Thalan Tech

Colonizer + Patriotic.

Gentle, Craven, Clumsy, Brittle, Wasteful, Forgetful, Unpopular, Poor Traders.

Productive, Clever, Content, Fertile, Dense, Militant, Farmers, Adventuresome, Observant, and Fast.  1 extra point was put into Likeable.  

Galaxy type: Immense, Spiral, Abundant Planets and Stars.  

AI: Godlike.  All standard races.

No pirate bases (a major point against my strat, but it doesn't make it invalid).  

Game speed: Slow.  

Exactly how do you post screenshots?