Stardock - could forum experience be improved for uncool people like me?

Posted on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

"Uncool" as in: I'm not sitting on a monitor as big as a Star Wars Death Star.


This means:

1. Forum font size is rather small for me, so not that well readable (esp. if it bigger chunks of text).

Oh, wait, just use Ctrl + in Firefox to make everything bigger. Yup works, but can make forum pages wider than my display - so not that well readable again, as I have to scroll back and forth.

2. The real cool people have biiiiiig displays. I know for sure because in various threads I see regularly pics that mess up the display for me, because they're so huge.


Without changing anything to the worse for people that can live well with the current setup - could there something be done for people using smaller displays? Afaik, those forums make it possible to offer several styles which can be chosen by the visitors in the control panel.

So would it be possible to offer something that gives better readabiltiy, and limits pics in a post to a smaller size (ideally with the option to view full size in a separate tab or window).


That would make me really happy