Galactic Civilizations III - Patch 1.03

Posted on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

*** Released 6/8/2015 ***


Game now remembers MP map and galaxy settings like single player

You can now add random opponents to play against

You can now edit user created ship designs

You can now edit custom factions

Added lots of new pirate ships and star bases (and if you select the pirate ship style for your custom faction you will get a whole new line of ships)

Added 2 new cosmetic ship pieces for designing your own ships



Fixed a crash in multiplayer caused by the hosts continuing to send messages after game was over

Rewrite of the turn state machine to fix numerous stuck turn issues

Fixed a bad iridium prereq for the starbase influence hub

Added some self-healing code so that if you are loading a game with a corrupt object (a ship without a fleet) the game continues loading rather than crash

Fixed bug where if a battle against a shipyard or starbase was aborted, the shipyard/starbase didn't reset its battle information, so it thought it was still in a battle and couldn't be attacked again or interacted with by the owner

Fixed a crash if the player builds more than 32 improvements on a colony

Fixed entry dragging horribleness that could arise when dragging a queue entry in the planet wnd while the queue list was updating from a previous queue order change being async processed by making the planet wnd execute any queue order changes in the listbox itself immediately, and having the event processing not try to rebuild the queue itself (translation: fixed an issue causing a crash on the planet screen)

Fixed an issue where you could click the rush button in the planet context wnd multiple times in a single turn before even one of the rush events was processed, especially during the start of a turn

Fixed a bug where the rush button, if enabled and disabled in the same frame, could actually become clickable for a split second when ultimately the intention was to keep it from being clickable at all

Fixed a crash when the AI wants to give away a ship but doesn't have any

Fixed bug where you could attempt to eject ships from a shipyard that were not ejectable from the shipyard context wnd, caused by being able to click the button in between update ticks that disable/enable the button.

Fixed missing economic improvements int he Yor tech tree

Fixed missing Krynn support modules

Fixed an issue keeping resistance bonuses from some techs from working

Fixed bug where the turn button enabled itself and the start turn fadey text "Week X" would show up right after you pressed the turn button, and then again at the start of the next turn

Fixed an issue where "request constructor" from a starbase wouldnt work if you obsoleted your base constructor

Fixed an issue causing Tech Specializations to have incorrect highlighting after loading a game

Fixed an issue causing the mousewheel to scroll the planet list on the side of the main game screen to stop if the cursor passed over the queue status bar

Fixed a crash caused by too many fleets being ctrl+click selected

Moved all user files to the my documents directory (this will resolve permission issues some users were having attempting to create the files to run the game and cause symptoms like missing UI or a crash on start

Fixed issues caused by having large fleet mass exceed expected maximums

Fixed issues cause by having the battle ranking for large fleets exceed expected maximums

Fixed an issue causing a stuck turn when creating a trade route

Fixed a crash after razing a colony caused by not cleaning up trade routes

Fixed a crash caused by a lingering selection after razing a colony

Fixed a crash reading relations in diplomacy

Fixed a multiplayer crash when automatic upgrades were happening in colony queues

Fixed an issue that caused ship designs to lost their names when being saves (usually the ship would just be called "M_")

Fixed typos

Added an exception handler (if your game crashes the crash info will be submitted to Stardock automatically)

Fixed an issue where the game could run out of text handles late in the game

Fix to keep the game from crashing on load if you don't have the consola.ttf file in your font directory

Fix that can cause some games from being reported to the Metaverse

Fix to allow the game to load if you have non-ascii characters in your user name

Foxed an issue where ship upgrade in multiplayer were free

Fixed an issue defying the UP in multiplayer could cause the game to get out of sync

Fix scope issues with Planetary defense and resistance in tech trees



Rebalance of the mass of Sensor systems

Updated the Spiral galaxy map to look more organic

Bumped Thala & Iconia to class 16 from 15, to make all starting systems total 16



Decreased the range line intensity so that the line would always be visible but not too bright

Adjusted the emissive map and emissive texture intensities so that swapping materials won't create blow outs

Changing the Enable Mods option now pops up a message saying you have to restart the game for the change to take effect

Increased the space for tech descriptions on the tech unlocked screen (some descriptions didn't fit)



Fixed an issue causing quick battle to take a long time (also contributed to long time between turns)