[Mod - Beta Release] Star Trek Federation faction style mod

Posted on Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Release vB2


This is a Faction and ShipStyle mod for GalCiv 3 - that is, it adds a new custom set of ships and templates which you can use in place of any of the standard races, linked to a faction. It currently features 20 ship models that will take you from Tiny exploration ships all the way through to Huge warships. These template ships can be used with or without the StyleSet modification and Federation faction.





Version vB2 is now released, and can be downloaded here: 


The main files of the mod are here: They go in your mydocuments\mygames\GalCiv3\Mods\ folder. Please remove previous versions of the Starfleet mod before installing.

The templates which make the mod what it is. These files go directly in your Galactic Civilizations III\Designs\ folder. Be sure to merge folders when prompted.





If you have placed these correctly, when you start up Galciv 3 and start a new game,you will see there is a new Federation faction in your faction list, and in the Faction creator the ShipStyle list now contains a new entry: Federation (Star Trek)



If you select this Faction and/or Ship Style, you will be greeted by a pretty new Constitution class exploration vessel instead of the standard Terran/Drengin/Altarian Survey ships.



Eventually, through unlocking the tech tree your fleet will grow to include all kinds of Starfleet vessels.



Full album: 








* Fixed the ship-design crashing bug (thanks to dansiegel30)
* Added a Federation-specific tech tree, with re-arranged weapon techs to focus on beams.
* Re-worked names and descriptions of many faction weapons and techs to give them a more star-trek feel
* Replaced some beam graphics to bring them more in line with Phaser looks
* Added a second-tier prototype Elerium beam, in line with missile and kinetic weapon trees
* trimmed some bad designs (beam and missile -L variant medium ships)


* Added federation faction (with images courtesy of 00zim00), which will automatically use the correct templates, colours and custom solarsystem.
* Fixed Constitution class model not appearing properly in ShipStyle selector
* Fixed missing ships in ship-designer (Defiant)
* Fixed missing augmented designs for AI use of faction
* Fixed various missing descriptions
* Fixed Fed faction colours
* Altered some blueprints to improve designs, particularly from the mid-game on

* Initial release