Love for Frogboy

Posted on Monday, June 1, 2015

A special thanks to Frogboy, so with that being said I want to take the time to thank Frogboy, the Galactic Civilizations III team, and all other employee at Stardock for their hard work.  Yes, there is some things that could be improved with this game as well as others, however, I believe all in all they do good work and poor their heart and soul into this game and Frogboy in specific puts  a lot of care and time into many of Stardock's games.  

With much of the bad, or negative posts, sometimes the good or great positive posts are forgotten or overlooked.  Please take the time to write thanks and positive points in this post.

On a side note, I hope Frogboy, and Stardock never takes any negative point as strictly a bash, as most of the time I try to make it constructive by stating positives or possible solutions to any complaint I have.  

Again Thanks for all the hard work This is Extremely Awesome and I don't know any company that does it better  Please don't check out of the forums as we need you