[BALANCE] Cargo hull + 13 Interstellar Sensors = : |

Posted on Sunday, May 31, 2015

In GalCiv2, I would create Sensor Drones out of cargo hulls + lots of sensors, instead of relying on sensors of fleets. I could max out a cargo haul with low-to-medium range sensors, and get a reasonable sensor area and the game felt balanced. I would typically build 4-6 of these drones, position them around my border to expose my entire border area.

I am playing my first GalCiv3 game on a Medium map, and just did the same, with a cargo hull and 13 Interstellar Sensors (first level sensor tech) and I can now see more than half the map! It is so bad that it would make no sense to have sensors on any ship any longer in GalCiv3, as one cargo hull + sensors would expose most of the map. 

Needs a re-balancing.

Is this the correct forum for such comments?