Lost Worlds

Posted on Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hello and welcome to my first modification, which adds some more additional races to play with.


Download link:

Installation instructions are included in the zip file. To open a zip file, install WinRAR, 7Zip, or other archive extracting tool.


All the races will have new and unique abilities to spice up your space experience. Non of the new races are planned to be perfectly balanced, some of them will be stronger and some of them will be weaker as per design.

The initial release contains 6 new races and 12 new abilities and semi finished lore for all of them. All the images in the first release are placeholders that I borrowed from the web. I will draw some new ones by the next few releases by myself.





Version 1.0: 6 races, 12 abilities.



Version 1.1: Finishing writing up all the lore into the game files.


Version 1.2: Finishing all custom star systems for first 6 races.


Version 1.3: Finishing custom tech trees for first 6 races.


Version 1.4: Adding my own artwork.


Version 2.0: Releasing the next 6 races and 12 new abilities (I have some planned already, but I will postpone them until I will finish polishing the first 6 races). 



So lets meet the new races:

First on the list are the Pologrins and their mighty minister Parlo.


Their unique abilities are Isolation and Propaganda.

Isolation - this ability disable production of colony modules for you, but in return you get a 50% discount on the construction module.

Pologrins believe that their planet is the holy shrine of the universe and thus it is a sin to leave it permanently for their citizens, which is why they don't colonise and only build starbases.

Propaganda - this ability gives 30 benevolent points at the start of the game. (I might adjust it to slightly higher value)

This is made to compensate for the lack of colonisation that Pologrins suffer from.


Next on the list are the proud Tlec tribes, which are led by the grand druid Qlar.


Their unique abilities are Core Readers and Enlightenment.

Core Readers - this ability gives Tlec some research points for colonising a planet (35 points) or capturing a planet (25 points).

Somehow, Tlec found a way to communicate with the core of their planet (or at least they believe though) which shared its secrets with them and since then they were able to do the same with other planets.

Enlightenment - this ability provides morale boost for each unlocked ideology in all their planets.

Ideology points are usually given for colonising planets, and because their mission is to safe planets from other races, their population gets happier for getting unlocked ideologies.


Third race is the hard working Khaz At Industries and their director Gor Mill.


Their unique abilities are Deep Mining and Corporations.

Deep Mining - this ability grants an extra strategic resource for each mined.   (Clarification: this gives a 100% increase and not just a flat +1 resource)

Before usurping the government, Khaz At was a mining corporation, which had a huge success at already saturated market, due to their unprecedented mining techniques with high efficiency.

Corporations - this ability gives a 50% increase in maximum trade routes allowed. (I might nerf this one because it is much better at late game than Entrepreneur ability)

During its rise, Khaz At industries bought out numerous corporations to make sure that it had total control over state economy.


The next is the royal family of Karen, which rules Karen Empire. Fmarkh Karen might be a young leader, but he is proud and has to live up to his name.


Their unique abilities are Majesty and Traditions.

Majesty - this ability provides a small leverage when trading with minor races. (You can get 30% more from minor races)

Karen family ruled their homeworld for thousands of years with harsh but fair laws. Minor races know that and they rather pay a little extra rather than get annexed by the Karen Empire.

Traditions - this ability provides influence points to all colonies founded by the Empire (2 per turn in the homeworld and 1 in the rest of the colonies)

This empire was built on the traditions and they shaped it into what it is today.


And here is lurking a shadow. Shadow Realm, despite its name is a benevolent alliance of races which only want peace and technological progress.


Their unique abilities are Protective and Investments

Protective - this ability provides a 25% bonus to attack, defence and tactical speed of its ships within their zone of influence.

Shadow Realm's pilots would do anything to protect their home planets.

Investments - this ability provides bonus ideology points on reaching a new tech age (Age of War gives 45 points of your current dominant ideology and Age of Ascension gives 65) (this might be rebalanced)

Technological progress is quite welcome in the Realm and if government can prove its worth, people will allow more policies to be introduced.


Last but not the least are the Slivo Dictatorship, ruled by the Hrael the Second, son of the first dictator.

Their unique abilities are Developed and Reconnaissance.

Developed - this ability provides a 50% production bonus in the homeworld and the first colony.

As Hrael's father used to say "Home is the place where the salves work the hardest because they can see you watching over them"

Reconnaissance - this ability provides a free scout ship after constructing a starbase.

As Hrael's father always used to say "Preparation is the most important part of the plan and getting information is the best preparation". Sadly he wasn't prepared for Hrael's dagger.