[MOD] Backgrounds, Leaders and Logo assets

Posted on Saturday, May 30, 2015

To start with, none of the following art belongs to me. I just edited it for use in GalCiv3. No money is being made off the following assets.

That said, I've got some Dragonball Z races, some Magic: the Gathering stuff and some Star Wars. Use what you like.

And yes, some of it is awesome, some of it is so-so.

If you have any suggestions, go ahead and ask. I may not have time to get to it immediately, but who knows.

Rar Archive with everything in it, including my custom factions: Download

Just extract to your Documents\My Games\GalCiv3



All ten Ravnican Guildgates, Godless Shrine, Transguild Promenade Hallowed Fountain and Nythkos

Normandy CiC from ME3

2 Backgrounds of Namek, one of Kami's Lookout

Couple random starship bridges.

3 Jupiter Ascending Concept Art


Race Leaders:

Cell (New Pic. Wasn't happy with the first one), Freeza, Buu, Piccolo and Vegeta from DBZ

8 Twi'leks (Think I got most colors covered.), Yoda  and a Wookie

Some random Wizard

Some energy angel guy (Possibly a Diablo III ref/char)

Damia, Lavinia, Emmara, Elesh Norn and Nahiri from Magic: the Gathering

Avatar - Na'vi (Neytiri)

Farscape Races! Kalish (Sikozu), Delvian (Zhaan), Luxan (D'Argo), Rygelian (Dominar Rygel XVI), Interion (Jool), Nebari (Chiana)

Doctor Who: Daleks 

Sonic - Blackdoom



For all the leaders listed above.



Lantern Corps - Rage, Avarice, Fear, Will, Hope, Compassion, Love, Death, Life.

Ravnica Guilds - Dimir, Golgari, Gruul, Azorius, Boros, Izzet, Selesnya, Simic, Orzhov, Rakdos

Couple of Phyrexian Symbols

Some Marvel symbols - Cap Marvel, Shield, X-Men, Hydra, Avengers, Cap America

Wondergirl, which ever company does her comic.

Umbrella Corp