I give up - what are all the map bonus icons?!?!?

(and other stupid questions)

Posted on Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hi, can't find it in game, manuals, this forum, these databanks, anywhere!! Driving me crazy. Every-time I make a new colony there are icons in different colours with different pictures. But what exactly do they mean? What exactly is the bonus? Why are some pictures different. It's not like they are intuitive or anything... lines, slashes, I got no idea. Okay, the green one with 2 trees probably better than the green one with one tree, but surely there is a list somewhere.


I don't understand why you wouldn't include this info in straight facts with hover over icon, instead of abstract statements, or at least make it easy to find. I want to know exactly what I am doing and why, else it is random.


e.g. OK I got the gist that orange is for manufacturing. The actual icon pics are hieroglyphs for the most part. But sometimes the statement makes it sound like factories will be free if placed there, but not actually better at production, other times it sounds like they might be better at production, but who knows. If I have loads of money, I don't care if it is maintenance free, if that's all I am getting better on some planets to build a lab.

I don't understand why there are no posts on this anywhere. I can't be the only person who doesn't like to play pin the tail on the donkey when gaming... perhaps I am the stupidest as I can't figure out where this crap is listed, and every other gamer out there found it straight away.