[Mods] Mass Effect Races

Posted on Thursday, May 28, 2015


I wanted to get some experience at making races for Galactic Civ 3 so I made the following Mass Effect races:

  1. Asari
  2. Turian
  3. Salarian
  4. Krogan
  5. Batarian
  6. Quarian
  7. Geth
  8. Elcor
  9. Volus

You can get them here.

Currently they are very basic and use in game tech trees, models, colours, etc. They have unqiue starting systems and appropriate abilities/traits. I have tried to obscure their lore enough so they don't feel out of place in the game, and I have also changed the name of the Volus and Elcor factions, namely from "Vol Protectorate" to "Volus Protectorate" and from "Courts of Dekuuna" to "Elcor Courts", simply to make them more recognizable. And because I was unsure how to make a nomad faction, and did not like the idea of the Quarians settling on another world I chose to give them Rannoch while letting the Geth be on their stronghold at Haestrom.

Play if you like, I just felt like sharing.


Installation Instructions

In his post, Niedzielan gave these concise instructions, so I'll just give a quote:

Extract to Documents\My Games\GalCiv3\Mods using WinRAR, 7Zip, or other extracting tool.

Make sure mods are enabled in Options.

To enable mods for your game then go to your options menu, toggle it on, then restart your game.

Alternatively you can go to Documents\My Games\GalCiv3\Prefs.ini and edit "EnableMods=0" to "EnableMods=1".




And also I feel like I should probably give some customary credit to all the artists that I took art assets from to make this. Or at least just post the sources.

Naturally the Mass Effect franchise belongs to EA through Bioware.

Portraits are based off the foreground image.

All logos:

Colour inspiration:

Asari background:

Asari foreground: Google led me to a Czech website, not sure who I should attribute that SC to.

Turian background:

Turian foreground:

Salarian background:

Salarian foreground:

Krogan background:

Krogan foreground: 

Batarian background: In game art.

Batarian foreground: 

Quarian background:

Quarian foreground:

Geth background:

Geth foreground: 

Elcor background:

Elcor foreground: 

Volus background:

Volus foreground: