Warp Gates and Range Attacks

Posted on Thursday, May 28, 2015

Edited 5/29/20150-Morning

I have come across several allusions to warpgates in various places and put to you my proposition for their inclusion via a patch or mod. 


*Warpgates would be the infrastructure backbone of an empire. Speeding up trade, travel, and military projection capabilities. 

  • Unlocked by mid-game tech
  • Warpgates would be a separate structure constructed by a constructor. 
  • Maintenance cost approximately 3-6
  • Would cost a new strategic resource (or perhaps anti-mater) 
  • Each gate once connected to another warpgate cannot be broken (less destroyed) 
  • If an opponent seizes a warpgate, they can use that warpgate to travel to any warpgate it is connected to.  
  • A military ship is required to destroy a hostile or friendly warpgate.  
  • Diplomacy options (open boarders, gate access, and network merger)

Justification: The Drengin used a warpgate to invade a nearby neighbor. The drawback was they had to rely on sub light travel to get the warpgate to the other system. Once the warpgate was established they invaded.


*'Long Distance' (intertile) Attacks

'Range' attacks will add strategic depth. Multi tile attacks would only be capable by certain units and not have the same strength as units using the default 'close quarter' battle. The inclusion of inter tile attacks gives the defender an advantage and 

  • Star bases upgraded with a military module would be capable of harassing enemies in range
  • Planets with a offensive military structure would be able to harass enemies in range
  • Planets with a defensive military structure would have a chance to negate incoming ranged attacks
  • Ships capable of range assaults generally have a high logistics cost and low defense.