Oh fun, the difference between 'Normal' and 'Gifted' is a Joy!

Posted on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

So I restarted a new game. 

As I have stated before the default amount of habitable planets seems a bit too many on 'uncommon' and not enough on Rare. Anyway, I started an Insane, 15 AI, Rare/Rare and pretty much occasional on everything else: Resources and Anomalies. I left the game settings on 'Normal' and then set the Drengin and the 'Yar' (Benevolent trading Yor) to 'Gifted'. 


Oh man what a difference. The Drengin are ahead by 240 faction points, #1 in all areas. I was 3rd with another aggressive AI at #2. 


So can anyone tell me what the AI actually gets from moving from normal to Gifted? I mean actual perks. Does it have no fog of war? Does it get a bonus to both production and research? Does it get extra cash? 


I know they are in the XML but I am having trouble figuring out what the basic math bonuses are. +110% to research or +50%?


Anyway, if you modders know the bonuses and can explain them that would be tops!


I am enjoying my game. It looks like the Drengin are going to be a tough fight.