Question about ship templates

Posted on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How do ship templates work?


I created a couple of ships in the ship designer and saved them as templates. What i thought what should happen now is the following:

I clicked on a nearby shipyard and hoped to find my new custom ship design, hopefully fully equipped by the AI. However i couldn't find my new design at the shipyard not to mention the fully equipped ship. Also when i started a new game, the ship designs didn't show up in the shipyard.

However i could find them in the ship designer as hulls. My question is, how do i get the templates working in the way i specified before? I would like to open the shipyard and choose a fully equipped custom ship (equipped by the AI with my current technologies). When starting a new game i want those templates from the start in the shipyards.

Do i have to write an XML-file for that? And what kind of?


Thanks for your answers!