Galactic Civilizations III - Patch 1.02

Posted on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

*Released 6/1/2015*



When playing with a custom faction in multiplayer it will now send your custom leader foreground and background

We now display worldwide lobbies instead of those in your region



Fixed annoying bug where the suggested credits in the trade window would not result in a "fair" trade

Fixed typos

Fixed an issue where a ship wouldn't be award by events if you were Altarian

Fixed some bad prereqs on the economic starbase module

Fixed a fog of war issue in mp restored games

Fixed an issue that could cause stuck turns in multiplayer

Fixed crashes storing stat history

Fixed an exploit where players could circumvent range with rally points

We no longer show an out of range message if the ship you have selected isn't one you own

Fixed an issue where the turn count on research wasn't correct

Fixed an issue that could cause sound popping when opening windows

Fixed a crash when the starbase queue got to long

Fixed an issue where the background on the diplomacy screen goes black if you close and open it to fast

Fixed a crash if you request to many constructors from a starbase

Fixed a crash when destroying a planet

Fixed a crash when loading a save

Fixed a crash caused by the AI manipulating the sponsor list directly instead of in a buffer

Fixed crash if you had prefs with no valid players listed at all

Fixed an issue where deleting a unique colony improvement allowed you to rebuild it on every colony

Fixed a crash if the game is ended while there are popups in the popup queue, and some popup insert order fixes

Added a check to gray out Yor assembly projects so that you cant run them when your population is already capped

Fixed crash if you obsoleted every ship, waiting enough turns for the designs to be deleted, then opened the designer wnd and selected "upgrade ship", caused by the screen not having a "nothing selected" state

Fixed bug where manually cancelling an alliance treaty didn't actually change the diplomatic state between the two factions from allied

Added a better system for collision detection (ie: when the player needs to be informed because a decision must be made like an invasion, battle, etc)

Fixed an issue where some players dont have any UI if they don't have permission to write to their game directories

Fixed an issue where low end Intel cards would have their defaults set higher than recommended for a card with no video memory

Fixed an issue keeping the Drengin from building the Restaurant of Eternity

Fixed issue were solar power planet was being blocked by antimatter power plant

Fixed an issue where corrupt ship designs would be created if you had a UP popup while in the ship designer screen

Fixed an issue where a game can continue receiving event messages even after exiting a multiplayer game. This usually caused a crash. 



Ship Graveyards are somewhat more common

Ship graveyards only have 2 pirate attackers instead of 3 now

Rush cost multiplier reduced from 15X to 10X

Population exponent to production changed from 0.7 to 1.0

Population to production multiplier changed from 2.0 to 1.0

Base resistance on colonies changed from 50% to 25%

40% to 60% approval has no affect or penalty on production anymore

Adaptive Farm food reduced from 4 to 3

Intensive Farm food reduced from 6 to 4

Lossless Farm reduced from 8 to 5 food

Cargo (trade) module cost reduced from 27 to 10

"You are weak" modifier no longer a factor early game

"You are ripe for conquest" modifier only a factor mid game and on

Fair trade is now a <= comparison rather than a < comparison

Map sizes balanced more based on their actual sizes

Habitable planet creation balanced for larger maps

Time before first shot lowered from 3 seconds to 1 second

Min small explosions increased from 1 to 2

Medium ship explosions decreased from 14 to 5

Engine trail vertices reduced from 1000 to 100

Carrier modules reduced from 3 units to 2 units

Kinetic weapons increased in cost but reduced in mass requirement

Rebalance on resource required improvements

Updated Yor Techs and Improvements to limit Yor Population cap to a max of 48 from 60

Nerfed Prolific Ability from +100% to +50% population on colonization

Renamed Prolific Ability to Abundant since it was named the same as the Prolific Ability, Nerfed it slightly from +5, to +3 population on colonization

Bump up Mass of Mass Drivers, kept them flat, so they don’t get heavier, but made them all 10 instead of 6, as it was with miniaturization mass driver races could get a singularity driver down to 3.5 which more or less meant they could out gun anything in the galaxy. As they are now they are a bit heavy for their damage to start, but become better and better as you go up the tree. Even at 10 they might be a bit 0P.

Bumped up railgun damage 1, and lowered stinger damage by 2

Changed Agile trait to use flat modifiers



AI places less emphasis on capturing resources (fewer constructors running around)

AI more aggressive at decommissioning old ships

AI more careful about constructing fleets based on what it can reasonably afford

AI more likely to build approval buildings

The AI may contact you to warn abotu another players military buildup, or to provide help if you are at war with them

AI invasion fleets are better at taking vulernable planets

AI less interested in distant targets

AI better at massing fleets to attack enemies rather than one-offs

AI more effective in using money (should no longer sit on large treasuries)

AI is now allowed to rush more than once across its empire



Total Production tooltip changed to Total Manufacturing where relevant

Raw research and Raw manufacturing changed to Base research and base manufacturing

Research rate changed to Civilization Ability tooltip

A declare war theme now plays when the AI declares war on the player

The collapsible ship part entries in the Ship Designer no longer blink when collapsing/expanding entries

The Go To button now works for "Starbase built in your territory" notifications

Prevented warnings from appearing every time players start a game. They only appear the first time now



Translation table is now multithreaded to speed up launch time

Removed some debug messages

Tachyon authentication is now multithreaded to speed up game launch time

Fixed leaking refs in gizmo gfx

Fixed leaking refs for selected component in ship designer

Fixed leaking refs for focus node in battle viewer camera updater node

Removed creation of unused render targets, and code for writing to them