Some Ideas to make GC3 much better and couple word about identified problems.

Posted on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Well, here are some questions, problem description and better game experience ideas.


1. Espionage... in GC3 MUST be at least spy missions to allow faction see what is there at neibourhg`s systems. Also good idea will be some diversion acts and so on. Without espionage IMHO game lost big part of interest and fun (especially Kriin Syndicate should be a spymasters).

2. Game is missing diplomatic option to refuse taking planets\ships\starbases etc. from surrenderind factions because of almost imposible their further usage in geografic or politic reasons. Right now... if your ally, or faction you have good relation whith will give to you all its property and you CAN`T  refuse taking it.

3. AI tactics shoud be improved much more. For example: I was in war against Iconians, my friend sent to them 8 ships, groupped in one big fleet (logistic weight 40), and all tech he had (so Iconians whith godlike AI have not ane problems whith logistics). What did they do? Right! Iconians splited that fleet and used lone ships and only one group where were two of them. If AI have used that ships in one big fist (all 8 ships in one fleet) it will get good chanses to turn war in its profit, but I simply hunted lone shipsone by one.

4. Why in multiplayer there is no option to declare peace between human players controller factions??? Is that some kind of feature or what?

5. Ship designs, used by AI should be more... serious exactly. After discovery of medium hull size ships, used by AI become nothing but toys whithout any danger to human player ships (for example: my very basic medium ship have beam attack about 25 and 12 shield power, but standart terran aliance medium ship have beam attack ony 12... so in 1v1 battle my ship will be winner almost whithout any damage, what in total whtih AI love to use single ship make war long, but easy trip).

6. Please someone explain me why planets whith 0 loalty are still under my rule, why conquered planets don`t even try to take their freedom back, why only chance to revolt planet is surrounding whith faction borders? Why  planets whith low\0 loyalty still generating faction influence (howewer they must lower it and rising a revolution against unpopular government). And where is inner politics? At least where is senate from GC2? And is there any plans to realise something about it?