Things that would be nice

By "nice" I mean they should be standard with any 4Xgame

Posted on Sunday, May 24, 2015

First I love Stardock and hope they keep making/supporting games.

That being said I'm getting pretty tired of being a beta tester when I paid full price for a full game and the version says 1.0 and there's no way this should be 1.0

Here's a few things (or missing things) that really make it feel like an incomplete game. I just ask myself over and over "why can't I do this? I've done this in every other 4X game I've played and there's no way I'm the only one."


1)No Edit Race Option

Okay I know this is a little thing, but if i want to tweak something on a custom race I can only copy, make the changes and then delete the old one? Why is there no edit option! Why!

2)No Research Costs Displayed-only how many turns.

Don't assume you know what I want done with the data and convert it for me, if I want it converted I'll do the math. Like your phone telling you how long ago the person called instead of when they called. I think this is a really big thing, so big I went over and over the options panel convinced I just had to change some setting. So there's no way to know how much research overspending you're doing every time you complete a project. Much more importantly when you spend those precious ideology points in benevolence that give you tons of research points you have no idea how many of them are going to disappear after the only project you had selected (see #3) that had 1 turn to complete is completed.

3)No Research Queue

First of all don't try and tell me you can just because if the last thing you selected when you exited research just so happened to be the next thing on the tech tree and you just so happened to want the optimization on the top (cause that's what you're gonna get!) because it's not the same as a research queue. There's no list on the top right, just the one project. So even if the game's creators want the game mechanic of overspending and not allow research points to carry into the next project (which is a stupid mechanic if you ask me, and they probably don't want it) it would still be nice to plan the order of the projects and not be forced to go to the research page after each completion. Not to mention the latter part of #2 would be fixed if you could simply queue research projects. Seriously why can't you queue research! Why!

4)Optimizations obtained via diplomacy lock you in.

I'm pretty sure this one's an official bug (as opposed to options/features that any sane person should expect in a non-beta game), I've seen other posts complaining about it. So if you obtain an optimization via diplomacy after you've already chosen/researched one for yourself s'all good and you get the benefits of both. However if you obtain it (either by bargaining or as a gift from a race that likes you) before you've done it for yourself the game assumes that's what you did for yourself, and now you can't do another. You get the "optimization has already been chosen" or whatever it says tool-tip.