[MOD]Custom Ship Templates

Posted on Sunday, May 24, 2015

C.S.T - Custom Ship Templates Project by CaptainGarand and Contributors

What is C.S.T?

Hello folks,

this will be one of my(our) ongoing projects named "Custom Ship Templates" or C.S.T. You might argue that this is not necessarily considered to be a Mod, but since it's custom created content, I do in fact consider it to be a modification though made with tools already in game. I will feature here various types of "high quality" ship templates and you should feel encouraged to contribute with your own package which I will provide downloadlinks for in the first post, or, if you allow so, pack into a single big package. Custom ship templates can be used in anyones game, but you need to make sure to save your ship file as template and with no functional parts, or they won't show up correctly in game. If you've attached any functional part like weapons, or shields, the ship will only show up as earlie as you researched the tech prerequisite for the functional part. Make sure your templates are "bare bones" before posting a link.

What ships can you expect?

That depends on the creator. I personally draw my inspiration from anything space related, real or fictional, but I'm always trying to give my ships a "realistic" twist. There are various download links from people contributing to the thread. Consider this to be an ongoing project that tries to combine various quality ship templates for users to download. If you want to contribute to the project, please provide a download link to your package and I will put it into the first post of this thread. "Our" final goal should be the creation of a huge single download?

Are there any rules if I want to contribute?

Nope. But I recommend you provide us with a download link to your template package, as well as some meaningful screenshots. If you provide forum code for me to easily copy your content information into the first post of this thread, I'd be very happy...

How to install?

Copy the content of any package into ...myGames/GalCiv3/Designs... folder.

Are you accepting requests?

You can point out any request, but if anyone is willing to build them is up to them to decide. I won't promise anything.

Contributer Downloads

CaptainGarand(Ships with a "realistic" twist):

TurielD(Star Trek spezialization):



I'm the initiator of the idea and the one who's giving support as well as maintaining the first post of this thread.

1. T.A.S - Colonizer Class (transport hull)

Standard vessel for building colonies on planets. It features gravitation via self rotating accommodations. Solar collectors that will produce extra energy which can also be used as heat shield when entering a planets atmosphere, and a seperate shuttle unit to scout nearby planets and habitats. The ship was primarly inspired by the GalCivII colony ship theme, the ship "Prometheus" from Alien, and with a strong tendency to real life space vessels (solar panels, clearly distinguished ship units, airbrakes). Here's a screenshot:

2. T.A.S - Starpod Class (tiny hull)

Standard unmaned surveillance drone. It features a rotary solar panel, 3 pylons to be equipped with diverse features, a asymetric structure and tons of surveillance equipment. I got my inspiration from the real life satellites "Voyager and Messenger" and probably other satellites. Here's the screens:

3. T.A.S - AWACS Class (transport hull)

Standard space control vessel. An alternative to using Mods that increase sensor range, is building ships that are packed with sensors and engines. My version is simply named AWACS, as I was drawing most inspiration from the U.S - AWACS airplanes and predator drones. The ship design has typical long wings and hull, as well as a asymetric shaped surveillance pylons. Its thin structure grants a low sensor profile. Screens:

4. T.A.S - Ferrect Class (tiny hull)

Standard close patrol fighter. Anyone playing space games probably knows about Wing Commander. One of my favourit ships in WC was the light fighter Ferret which you where bound too after being accused of colaborating with the Kilrathi. The fighter was very nimble and agile with good speed. Combined with two mass driver canons, it was my first choice whenever I got my hands on the Ferret. Screens:

5. T.A.S - Kingcrab Class (transport hull)

Standard construction vesssel. I've tried to give it a unique asymetric design. Much impression came from how crabs look and move like. So I had four moving grabs in mind, as well as a seperate section for the construction module. I've rounded it up with point welding system. The ship hasn't much size, but should like having huge power in order to move stationary components. Screens:

6. T.A.S - Trader Class (transport hull)

Standard trading vessel. I had a huge, bulky ship in mind when building my trader ship. It's basically completely loaded with various containers, giving room for fluids, natural ressources, lifeforms, passengers, lifestock and pretty much anything else. It also has a small pleasure dome, which basically is nothing but a gigantic hollow suite. The transport is supposed to travel extremely long distances, to get most of the profit. Screens:

7. T.A.S - Hornet Class (tiny hull)

Standard close patrol and escort fighter. Inspired by Wing Commanders light fighter Hornet. I've tried to build it as realistically as possible, though I'm limited with parts. The Hornet was the first fighter you got to fly in Wing Commander I. It had good maneuverability and speed, and was armed with two laser canons. The shield capacity was a little higher then the Ferrets. Screens:

8. T.A.S - Hammerhead Class (tiny hull)

Standard Assault Heavy Fighter. I can't tell exactly what inspired me to do this. I assume there is a lot of similarity to Star Wars fighters, like the X-Wing or the ARC-170. Apart form that I just wanted a aggressive looking assault vehicle with a Hammerhead. Screens:


TurielD was the first contributor to the idea.