Map icon scale options?

Posted on Sunday, May 24, 2015

Can we get an option to scale up the map icons.. on large maps its really difficult to find things your looking for when you zoom out, it gets really busy. Or maybe better can we have an option to turn certain Icons on and off. eg: so I can show only planets I own or show only resource icons. Maybe you can feed it into the mini map UI where you can turn various things on and off on there.

I also would love the option to keep planet names on screen when you zoom out, currently they fade out at a distance. Its like looking for a needle in a haystack sometimes.

Also its near impossible to easily tell where each races capital is. Each planet has a small Crown icon on the planet, but when you zoom out its basically invisible because its dosnt scale up at all. And even if you do zoom back in, it stays small making it really hard to find it.

On the topic of the capital icon, can we maybe get a treaty option or something to share the location of each others Capital Planet. Its probably not efficient but I like to send each of my freighters to each races home planet. Civ 5 had a similar thing when you found a new faction a small area around there capital was exposed in the fog of war.