Newbie Questions (Soc/Military Slider, Starbases, Ideology)

Posted on Friday, May 22, 2015

Hey guys, I have a couple of questions that hopefully people can help me with:


  • When a planet has all tiles used and is just pumping out one of the +10% bonuses (Research Project, Cultural Festival, whatever) the amount of social production going into producing that bonus appears to modify the bonus somehow, for instance my Influence Growth per turn goes from 4.2 at 0% social to 4.4 at 50% to 4.6 at 100%. Does anyone know how this is calculating? The tooltip that suggests it's a 10% bonus seems like it isn't really true most of the time. 
    • EDIT: I think figured this one out, it looks like in the list of modifiers to any given production it lists whatever production bonus you're working on and at 50% social I'm getting +20% and at 100% social I'm getting +40% for whatever one I'm using, the tooltip still doesn't seem helpful, though.
    • Do people tend to think these bonuses are worth it or just go straight Military to help your shipyards? (Would still like opinions on this if people have any, this seems way more valuable than using half your production for the planet on a 20% bonus)
      • Would it be possible if a planet has nothing in the construction queue for that social production to assist the shipyard without moving the slider (I do not believe this happens currently)?


  • (This is about non-mining starbases) Starbases seem to give pretty minimal bonuses at the beginning of the game for a significant amount of investment (in time building constructors) but I've seen people on here talking about building multiple starbases for each planet and limiting themselves to a certain number so that it doesn't become "cheesey". I feel like I'm definitely missing something about starbases and would super appreciate either some help understanding them or a link to a good discussion or guide to them.


  • Ideology - It seems like the idea is you're supposed to pick one tree and stick to it because taking a trait in any tree increases the cost of traits in the other trees. For other people playing very large maps (say gigantic and up) are you sticking to one tree or using multiple? I'm feeling like using two trees has been quite beneficial for me since I never have to take a bad event when settling a planet and I get about twice as many ideology points per turn (since I have ideology buildings for two trees). Am I totally out of line here and seriously gimping myself?


  • I want to sneak in this UI question not mentioned in the title - Is the minimap zooming a known issue or am I the only one experiencing it? Have they said anything about possibly fixing it?
    • If no one knows what I'm talking about it will only let me zoom in on the middle of the galaxy, no where else, and every turn it resets to a zoom level of it's choice (again, focused on the middle of the galaxy).

Thank you to anyone who can answer any of these questions!