Fun with Carrier module (WAI?)

Posted on Friday, May 22, 2015

fist off, don't know how to embed images with this forum software, sorry if it doesn't work right away

i did some fooling around halfway through a game and found somethign that i found a bit hilarious:
Here's an image of the current "Assault Fighter" deployed by the Carreir module. The ship design is hidden in the normal ship designer, but you can refit/upgrade existing small ships to that design anyway
the ship is nothing overly special, so miniaturization, some hull size increments, t1/2 weapons and defenses

here's the same loadout rebuilt on one of the small hull templates in the designer (yeah it's ugly, that's not the point). note the manufacturing cost of 289 points

...and finally here's the cheap barebones "carrier" that spawns 3 (or in the case of the "Advanced module" - 5) of the ships shown above. for free... every battle... even if they were destroyed the previous battle. oh, and btw they auto upgrade to the best available tech at zero cost

i picked the same hull mostly for hilarity. a small barebones fighter chassis spawning 3 fully decked out fighters of the same size Note how the Carrier costs less then a third of the price of one fighter.

I'm aware that this carrier design isn't going to be terribly effective in real combat since it has no defense, no engines or anything, really.

i mean it's kinda fun that you can do such silly things with the game, but it might also be seen as a bit of a balance problem if one fairly cheap module basically gives you an endless supply of fully armed and armored fighters.