[MOD] Planetary Sensors

Posted on Friday, May 22, 2015

So this is my first published mod. It is quite simple, and I'm open to suggestions or ideas for expanding it.

You can download the .zip folder here.

Basically, this mod adds a planetary improvement that increases a planet's sensor range.

I've been watching the heated debate about sensors go by, and my impression of the discussion is too many people have made this issue too personal. I don't want that brought into this thread. This is a mod. If you want to discuss the mod, I'd be happy to do so.

Whatever the devs decide to do to sensor components on ships (and again, I don't want this to become another thread arguing over ship sensors), either way, I think sensors on planets and starbases should be improved. This is my first step in that direction.

The improvement is colony unique and can be upgraded twice.

The first improvement is a Planetary Array. It adds 2 to a planet's sensor range. The tech requirement is Interstellar Survey.

The upgraded improvement is an Advanced Planetary Array (groundbreaking name, I know). It adds 2 more to a planet's sensor range and requires Energy Field Sensors.

The final improvement is a Planetary Sensor Hub, which adds 3 more to a planet's sensor range and a global bonus of 5% to sensors. This upgrade requires Subspace Sensors.

This works with all the base factions, and it will work with custom tech trees if you haven't changed the generic names of the three techs listed above.

Also, I don't know how the AI will treat these improvements. They will gain access based on their tech tree, which is driven by the defined AI category weights, but the improvement is classified as special and doesn't provide any adjacency bonuses, so I'm not certain if they will even build this... any insights here would be appreciated.