Game not playable

Posted on Thursday, May 21, 2015

Is anyone else getting severe game slow down around the 100 turn mark?
Im only messing about, medium map only a few races, and its on default difficulty and at turn 100, or near enough too, the game has become unplayable, cannot even move the screen about with it taking about 30 seconds to catch up to me, let alone try and move a ship.

I'm more or less just learning the game and its differences from GC2, so there really isn't much going on.
Checked both CPU and RAM usages and neither are significantly raised.

Core i5 3570k
16bg RAM



The above was yesterday, i am now at turn 140 and the game is so slow it is unplayable. And i dont mean the time between turns, thats not too bad actually, but even a simple task of moving the screen about takes about 30 seconds to do, or clicking on a starbase or a ship....the game is just lagging behind a huge amount.
If i zoom right out, its not too bad though.

Very reminiscent of the memory leak that was in GC2 DA (i think it was).
and its not like my RAM and CPU are the games worse cpu is at 3.2.% and ram at 1977.7mb.

Is anyone else seeing this, im not seeing threads about it, so i guess not. Have the devs seen it?