[MOD] - Dirty Rats Race


Posted on Wednesday, May 20, 2015

So I'm just playing around here.


Here's a race based loosely on the Snathi (pic, ships, etc)


They have All Bonuses, except Synthetic.


They start with 4 colony ships, 3 scout ships, and 3 survey ships.


They start with 10,000 credits, and I tweaked their influence default.


They start with 5 planets in their Home System - they are all Class 16 and have some sort of beneficial Planet Effect.


Yes, they are extremely overpowered. Let the AI run them if you want a challenge.


Files Modified:


Files Added:







Limits / Things I want to fix:

The starter planets - I tried setting their default name, but they all get the Homeworld name as their base.

No way to remove Snathi as a race without completely replacing FactionDefs.xml - if they give us a remove option I can fix that.

I couldn't figure out an easy way to give them 3 constructor ships to start with.