[list][mods] GalCivIII Commuinty Mods List

Posted on Tuesday, May 19, 2015

so something irritated me when i looked at the forum as of now. (steam workshop isn't available yet) there is no place to find currently mods made for the game specifically the faction mods. and even after workshop is added i think people might appreciate a place to find them here on the forums. i apologize if someone has already done this and i missed it i checked and didn't see it. (ive dones this kinda thing for another game on another forum) so at least until its released steam workshop and potentially longer if people keep posting links.

If you would like your mod added to the list please put in the following info:

TItle: (size 3 and bold optional)

Author: profilename (link to profile page optional) Category: (what does your mod effect)

Description: (Please put a discription of what your mod does so people can decide if they want to download it.)

Showcase thread(s): (where are you showing off your mod/posting updates etc.)

Steam Workshop: (for when the steam workshop opens)

note: I will also be adding them on my own spare time when and if i find them. (I will try to notify you about the fact that i have added to thread.)


External Tools you will need!

you'll need a zip file extractor whether that be winzip, 7zip, Jzip or other equivalent program (i personally use 7zip)

Download Location:

make sure to enable mods in game options (and restart client to enable the change)

Faction: to download extract file to "C:\Users\Username\Documents\my games\GalCiv3\Factions"

Mods: to download extract file to "C:\Users\Username\Documents\my games\GalCiv3\Mods"

(ill add more as i learn more)


Batch Star Names

Author: Psiyon Category: Tool

So, unlike in GalCiv 2, adding new star names in GalCiv III is a bit... involved. Lots of XML stuff to deal with, and if you've got a lot of stars to add, that process can get super tedious. This simple program solves that problem.

showcase thread/download


Jia Kuja Anomi

Author: Dumhed Category: Faction Mod

The Jia Kuja Anomi Faction Mod is intended as a complete mod, offering a unique faction experience with a custom tech tree, unique techs and improvements, custom ships, and more.

Showcase Thread/Download

 "Sotof's Tweaks Collection" (working title)

Author: Sorentoft Category Tweaks

A variety of mods that both tweak and change the game play of Galciv3 (improvised)

showcase thread/download

 Pleasure Planet and other unsavory planetary features...

Author: Dumhed Category: Faction Mod

Every space opera needs a planet or two that just happens to... heighten certain sensibilities.  In a large mysterious galaxy, surely there are items and places which have the power to... distract one's mind.  (Just ask Captain Kirk!) Never fear, Dumhed has done what most of you have hoped for without even knowing it... (or maybe actually wishing for.. in which case... don't admit it to anyone).

showcase thread/download


DarkNeuron's Balance Mod

Author:DarkNeuron Category: Balance

Tries to rebalance parts of the game which I, personally find imbalanced. (working discription more info read showcase thread)

Showcase thread/download


"New Faction Pack" (working title)

Author: pierreluc  Category: Faction Pack

Here are 10 custom factions, with new alien art and (mainly) new logos.  9 are serious, one is for fun, but they all work.  There is pre-existing logo art from a different author on this forum (which I can no longer find, oddly) that I had downloaded too.

Showcase thread/download

Faction Art Assets

Author: Nanarchy Category: Custom Factions

Description: Backgrounds, Foregrounds, Portraits, Logos, Custom Faction files. Dragonball Z, Star Wars, Magic: the Gathering, Avatar and Farscape all have some representation here.

Showcase thread(s): [MOD] Backgrounds, Leaders and Logo assets


 note: where do you guys think the best section for this post is? (if this takes off sticky would help!)

i have done this sort of thing on a fansite for comapny of heroes 2 (coh1 related)