[Mod - WIP] Xitak Commune

Xitak Commune work in progress

Posted on Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hi all!

 Here's my custom faction the (see "Mod_Parts" below). A space-faring Insectoid species that hopefully won't bug you too much. Yeh! I know corny as, sorry about that 

There's still quite a bit to add to it yet, but I think its at a stage where it can be shared so why not. 

You may use the images to create your own factions if you wish. Please give credit to yours truly if you do share your faction using them.

Critique, good or bad appreciated. Will update as time goes by.


Update; added Xitak tech tree. Is very similar to Thalan tech tree but with Unique buildings :- Bivouacs, Formicary & Super Colonies in place of Hives, Gia Theory, and Mother Hives. 

Not 100% sure what to change value wise for these, to try and keep them balanced. Ideas welcome.

Also added bonus's to Extreme colonization Tech similar to what the Yor have that accompanies the adaptable ability trait.



Fixed race logo dds. Now has the correct name and shows better on map.

Added tech branch to exploration - Cybernetics

Home world now has own unique trait - Industrial world. There is somewhat of a unique art for the system using in game assets.

Star name no longer has "Name" as part of it and is only Xi as it should be.

New unique ship appearance gradients. For now not in Mod as the GalCiv III gradient texture files need to be replaced.(see install instructions below)

No new ship style as yet sorry, only appearance is new. Altarian suits best I think at this stage, though there's not that many parts for them so that may change later.


Fixed TechTree so "Beyond Morality" and Tech victory is possible

Added extra influence to later cultural techs with extra maintenance cost associated. 

Install instructions:

You will need to remove the previous version of the mod from the Documents/My Games/GalCiv3/Mods folder, if you have that.

Unzip "" and put in your Documents/My Games/GalCiv3/Mods folder.

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Galactic Civilizations III\Gfx  and copy these 2 files "GradientMap.png" & "GradientMapLights.png" and save them somewhere you will remember.

Copy the 2 maps at the bottom of the mods gfx folder called "GradientMap.png" & "GradientMapLights.png" and put them in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Galactic Civilizations III\Gfx. Click "Yes" to "Replace these 2 files"

 Download; Xitak Commune


 Clours and homeworld