Noob Questions

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Posted on Monday, May 18, 2015

Hi there... I'm a new player to GalCiv3, used to play GalCiv2 a lot...


  1. What dose "request constructor" do on the star bases?
  2. The tile bonuses on the world maps, do they activate no matter what building is placed in it, or do I have to put in a build that has that trait. Like for example if the tile is +tourism do you need to build a tourist building on it for that bonus to activate? 
  3. What is the +Military trait on a tile mean? I can not see any buildings that use it apart from shipyard.
  4. Is module stacking working as intended? It seams totally broken. You can stack sensors on ships and get huge map reveals.
  5. Are they planning to add more races?
  6. Is it possible to share ship designs with other players? I mean the base hull design, not the actual one with the modules and stuff
  7. Is there anyway to "play by email" in GalCiv multiplayer?
  8. How do you add modals to your starships?
  9. If you influence increases around a starbase mine and envelops a new mining node, will it start mining, or do you need to build a starbase for ever node not in that initial influence ring that start with?
  10. How dose trade and tourism work.. I cannot seam to get it to do anything.
  11. Population Growth is important as more pop increases building output, how can I tell if the population is expanding?
  12. What are prorotypes? Like I made a design with a new tech and the ship showed as prototype I was sure I had the special resource in stock but it was grayed out and I couldn't build it? Can someone explain what the deal with these things are?


thanks for the help!