New factions for your gaming pleasure

Posted on Monday, May 18, 2015

Here are 20 custom factions, with new alien art and (mainly) new logos.  19 are serious, one is for fun, but they all work.  There is some pre-existing logo art from a different author on this forum (which I can no longer find, oddly) that I had downloaded too.


Link:   for the first 19.

I am adding the Mendax as a 20th to apologize for the link being down while I puttered on Dropbox.  This is a smaller file with the art to be allocated in the relevant folders.:


The main download also includes two alternative art sets (large and small portraits) that could be used for Humans, notably one for a female leader if it pleases:


 Added another 11 custom races.  They are in their own zip so you don't need to download all of them again if you've used my earlier ones.  They are in the Factions 21-31 zip.  And they take the total up to, you guessed it, 31.

If you have fun with them and have amusing game anecdotes, please feel free to share.