AI Issues (Ship Spamming, Range, Cheating)

Posted on Monday, May 18, 2015

Hello Stardock

Brad: This is GiskardUK from Twitter, this is the full report.

Excuse the title type... should have said Ship spammering, not spam spamming.


I was told the AI for GalCiv does not cheat so I am making this report because it sure looks like its cheating to me.

I have seen this in a few games since release now, 1 race usually suddenly starts spamming ships like crazy.

It ends up with so many ships that the only way it could possibly produce them in the numbers it does is if it can produce 1 large ship per ship yard, per turn.

Mean while it takes me 9 turns to do produce a similar ship from my best ship yard and that is with 5 planets helping, even with a large empire that is doing pretty well, I cannot keep up with the AI's ship building at all.

I get by, by building a bigger fleet and researching logistics, then just using the larger fleet to destroy as many of the AIs fleets per turn as I possibly can. Typically I destroy between 6 and 8 ships per turn with each fleet in an area being targeted by the AI, 1 to 3 in areas that are not being targeted by the AI. I have to do this every turn or the AI just floods the entire map with ships.

I have seen the AI flooding other AIs territory with ships then when I destroy a star base, they flood in to my area to regroup near a planet I own. So I just put a massive fleet there and have them destroy all incoming ships as fast as possible. Other ships from the AIs fleet do not move, even after a planet is lost, they stay still until destroyed.

This has been going on now for I think 100 turns in my current game, also war is constant, council votes to end wars do not end any of the wars but diplomatic measures do work.

This completely takes over the game when it happens, it stops being about doing other things and starts being about destroying as many ships as possible. Also the AI whilst a threat, tends to run out of transports quickly, it does not spam those for reason. So it does not gain much ground this way, it just takes cover the game and stops anything else from being done.


Last issue, I have seen the AI affected by this totally ignoring ship ranges to send its fleets deep in to my territory when it should not have been able too. There is chance they had a starbase some place that I could not see, but I would but that chance at about 20% because everything it would build on, has been built on by me already and I have scouts that have been roaming around looking for enemy units.

Here are some stats from my current game.

Difficulty = Normal for the current game.

Iridium Corporation
4th Population
3rd Economy
1st Military Power
7th Approval
2nd Tourism
5 Treasury
3rd Influence
2nd Social Manufacturing

1st Population
1st Economy
2nd Military Power
8th Approval
1st Tourism
1st Treasury
1st Influence
1st Social Manufacturing

PS notice social manufacturing does not seem to have any effect on approval with large empires.