Just a few quick typo's

Posted on Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hi there, love the game. Just wanted to let you know about a couple of typo's I found. Nothing too important, but thought I'd give you a heads up. Not sure exactly where to post bugs (though I think bug is too strong a word in this case).


All three of them are on the different Ideology tabs.

1) On the "Pragmatic" page, the top row far left tooltip (Prepared) has a typo. It says "these centers alow" instead of "allow".

2) The next one is on "Malevolent". 3rd row far right (Heartless). It says "once thought dangeously unusable" instead of "dangerously".

3) Last one is also on the "Malevolent" page. 1st row 2nd from the right (Dangerous_ says "are now so efficant" instead of "Efficient".