Modder Wishlist

Posted on Saturday, May 16, 2015

I'm gonna compile a modding wishlist! Post here if you there's something Stardock could implement into Galciv 3 to make your modding ideas possible.

  • Allow shipyards to be orphaned regardless of planet availability
  • Allow homeworld-less civilizations (such as pirates) to not crash the game when made playable
  • Allow different Colony Capital improvements per civ (Right now, the Colony Capital is defined for all civs in GalCiv3GlobalDefs.xml)
  • Allow ships to have AreaEffect bonuses like Starbases
  • A full documentation of the XMLs!
  • Documentation of how materials & surfaces are set up. What the lean map and data maps do etc. and how they're set up.
  • Allow starbase modules to require (and spend) certain strategic resources.
  • Allow us to customize Attack Types and their interaction with Defense Types.
  • Mp4 or gif or bik or some such animation file type compatibility for LeaderFG and LeaderBG.
  • Ability to flag certain techs untradeable
  • GUI tool for basic creation of new race / tech tree / starting system.
  • The ability to add new hull sizes, it currently seems backed by a hard coded enum.
  • <NotForAttribute> and <ForAttribute> tags to the colonization events most of all, this could be used to solve the issue of all those food and organic related dilemmas coming up for  Synthetics and give modders a very powerful tool.
  • I'd also like to see you able to use static images for scientific advisers as you can for leaders  and support for a movie format we can encode ourselve

These are just the ones I could think of. Post your modder wish and I'll add it here.

PS. I don't mean a "Mod I wish existed" list, rather this is a "Things I wish Stardock made possible for modders" list.

[Last updated: May 18th]