Minor PSA to founders an beta players about .dmp files

Posted on Friday, May 15, 2015

Just a minor point I thought I would bring up with the devs and anyone who played the beta.

Each Crash dump file averages on about 140mb for me, so my crash dump folder for Gal Civ 3 is hitting about 5.4gbs atm.

if people are wanting to clear up some space might be worth deleting the old crash files from the beta.

Note to devs, each .dmp file when zipped is only about 1 or 2mb.. would be nice if that's all that was in the folder and not the un-zipped version. would make the folder only 100mb compared to 5.4 gb . Even might be worth adding an expiration date on old files to keep the folder more clean.

The find the folder just type the below into the "Run" window.
%programdata%\Stardock\Galactic Civilizations III (This is a hidden folder so you may need to turn on the “Show Hidden Files and Folders” options in Windows.)