Thanks for no MMB

Posted on Friday, May 15, 2015

Glorious, love it. Did everything I could to get the attention of the devs on this one, as not just me but several other ppl have the same issue, for various reasons. I myself use a laptop with no mmb functionality, and I am often in cramped spaces on the road, etc, so don't get to use a mouse.


on 2 seperate streams I asked the question if MMB could be added, and twice the devs responded with that they'll look into it... look into it...Second time they said that those refinements will be added on release...

Well.. it's released and still none of that additional stuff...


I then wrote a post on here, and got several confirmations that the devs would be adding additional input commands yada yada and add these refinements.


Thanks guys. A simple addition that several requested that would of been easy to add goes ignored all the while being coaxed and re assured by founders and devs alike.. I feel hoodwinked.