Campaign: Contingency typo [Edit: And other Campaign typos]

Posted on Thursday, May 14, 2015

The first line of the description for the Contingency map has too many commas, and doesn't quite make sense.  I think it's supposed to say, "The Thalan Contingency has spent the last 10 years warning our former allies that we would return and bring with us the End of All Things." ?

And the last line should say, "....forming a coalition against the Drengin nearly impossible."  Just another stray comma between Drengin and nearly.





Return typos:

Shouldn't be a comma between "established" and "in its home universe."  Earth should be capitalized.  Chaos shouldn't be capitalized.  Last line, "to reach Earth from its Precursor Prison," should be "to release Earth from its Percursor Prison..."


If you need an editor, I am totally available