GalCiv3 - Star Trek Faction Pictures

Posted on Thursday, May 14, 2015

I'm not sure if anyone will be interested but I am nearly finished making some high resolution backgrounds, race portraits and logos for the major factions/races of Star Trek.


FG and BG images


"Small" portrait


Bonus Faction -

Risa "Sexy Picard"

Starship Troopers, the Arachnids

So far I have completed the following factions, I'll update this post when I complete more.

Borg Queen - Borg Collective
Captain Picard - Federation
Commander Shran - Andorian Imperial Guard
Spock - Vulcan High Command
Donatra - Romulan Star Empire
Gowron - Klingon Empire
Locutus  - Borg Collective
Seven of Nine
Jonathan Archer - United Earth
Kai Winn - Bajor
Mirror Universe:
Empress Sato
Mirror Spock
Captain Janeway



Nearly completed or planned to include.

Gul Dukat  - Cardassian Union
Grand Nagus Zek - Ferengi Alliance
Weyoun - Dominion
Lore - Renegade Borg Faction

Unfortunately  I was limited in some cases by the low quality images that plague the net and for some reason most the time the only things that came up was screen shots for the Star Trek games. So if anyone comes across a better image I could use for any of them please feel free to link it here . In the mean time im looking though all the eps of Star Trek looking for images I could work with.

Any other suggestions or requests please let me know ill be happy to look into it. Have been trying to keep all the color pallets more neutral so you can easily mix and match backgrounds, and I will also be adding additional logos for any faction I have two or more images for.

P.S Obvious, but just to have it stated I dont own the rights to any of the images.



Update info

-As requested Added Seven of Nine, also have added Locutus and 3 New Backgrounds

Have added a new Logo album, I plan to make a logo "key" when im done so people know which ones they go with.

Also added the "Small" portrait pics for all the current ones i have added.


- Added Bonus Faction "Sexy Picard", and Jonathan Archer.

-Moved to Mod Sub Forum

-Added Breen and Bajor races

-Added Starship Troopers, the Arachnids.

-Added Empress Sato and Mirror Spock as requested.

-9/19/15 Added Janeway