Severe problem (Game Breaking) with Large Empire Penalty for both players and AI with conquest on insane map

Posted on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Game is impossible to complete on an insane map (without taking Patriotic) due to the large empire penalty, you literally cannot research and build enough approval buildings to negate the empire penalty enough to complete a conquest game.

This is also having an affect on the AI who will resign when their empire becomes to unhappy (which it will due to LEP) and give all their territory and planets to whoever they are friendliest with......who will then quit the next turn due to the same problem....and so on....

This has a continuing cascade effect until either there is only 1 AI left and the player OR the player will end up with all the territory and the game is effectively wrecked.

30 hours and 253 turns in and this exact thing just happened to me when the 2nd most powerful empire just quit due to low approval and gave all his stuff to the lowest ranked AI player, who then the next turn quit and gave all his stuff to the 5th rated AI player who then the following turn quit and gave it all to me, subsequently I had 178 planets all with 0 approval even though I have every possible approval tech researched.